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The Robots Aren't Coming for Your Job. They're Already Here

"Automation anxiety" usually reflects expectations of an era in which robots will do all the work, leaving us lowly humans unemployed, broke and bored. For many, that reality isn't some not-so-distant future -- it's happening right now. Automation has already gutted manufacturing jobs in America and is threatening transportation, warehouse work and routine white-collar work, including aspects of finance, law and computer programming.

This week, Sam and Rebecca talk about how robots are changing the workplace and what it means for the future of the job market. Will jobs even exist in the future? Well, yes -- they'll just be different. David Deming, a researcher at Harvard, joins them to talk about what kinds of skills and labor the robots can't take. Hint: Be human.

You spend more time at your job than anywhere else. Each week, Game Plan hosts Rebecca Greenfield and Sam Grobart take a close look at the way we live our lives at work—our frustrations, dilemmas, habits, and anything else that happens in the office.


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