The Russian App That Has Destroyed Privacy Forever

Imagine a smartphone app that lets anyone take a picture of anyone and then find that person on social networks. Now stop imagining.

The Russian App That Will Find You in the Internet Crowd

It’s the sort of thing you see in a Jason Bourne movie. A security camera watching over a crowded space snaps a picture of someone. A few seconds later, a supercomputer churns through a database and returns the person’s identity. The CIA knows all.

That same technology is now, for better or worse, available to anyone with a smartphone. Earlier this year, a couple of Russian programmers released an app called FindFace. It lets people take pictures of complete strangers and then almost instantly find them on social networks. See a pretty girl or guy on the street? Snap a pic, get to know them. What could go wrong?

Hello World host Ashlee Vance recently traveled to Moscow to meet one of FindFace’s creators, Artem Kuharenko, and to test the app at Gorky Park. As for the results, well, see for yourself. Then light a candle in memory of privacy.

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