Kerry Has Faith the Trump Administration Will Be ‘Fact’ Based

  • The U.S. commitment to NATO should continue, top diplomat says
  • Secretary of State defends Iran deal, says makes world safer

Secretary of State John Kerry said he believes the incoming U.S. administration of Donald Trump will stay committed to NATO, preserve the Iran nuclear agreement and accept the role of humans in global warming.

Speaking in Brussels at his last ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Kerry said “I continue to believe” that the Trump presidency will base its policies on “facts, science, common sense, our common interests.”

Trump, who takes office in January, slammed the Iran accord as one of the worst deals in history and once dismissed climate change as a Chinese hoax. Kerry indicated he had cause to be optimistic because the President-elect had already vacillated on several campaign positions, including if the U.S. should continue to pay into the military alliance when others were falling short.

“This change of administration will not change our unwavering commitment” to the ideals that inspired NATO nor to its collective security clauses, Kerry said. “I am confident that Article 5 will not be held hostage to increased spending by a country here or there,” he said, referring to the article that says an attack on one is an attack on all.