This Is the Best Cabinet Money Can Buy

Glas Italia’s new multicolored credenza is a functional work of art that adds personality to spare rooms.

The Layers table at Glas Italia's showroom in Milan.

Photographer: Paola Pansini for Bloomberg Pursuits; Prop styling: Alessandra Salaris

For its new Layers collection by designer Nendo, furniture company Glas Italia used its latest innovation—inserting colored film between two sheets of glass—to create this striking, statement-piece cabinet. The colored panes on both sides glide softly back and forth, “like Japanese rice-paper doors,” says Flavio Parlato, the company’s export manager. Maria Sepulveda, principal at design company Suite NY, sees the piece as the ultimate space divider in an urban loft and suggests filling it with all-white objets to keep the focus on the candy-hued panels. The credenza comes in two sizes—63-inches and 78-inches long—and is available in the warm tones here or in cooler shades of blue, gray, and violet. From $10,675

Source: Suite NY


Source: Suite NY


Source: Suite NY


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