Freeze Your Head and Live Forever

A new generation is keeping Russia’s centuries-old fascination with immortality alive. Get ready to chill out and wait for the future (or singularity) to arrive.

How to Cheat Death and Freeze Time in Russia

There are two great cryonics powers in the world: the United States and Russia. If you want to have your body frozen on the cheap, head out to Sergiyev Posad, on the outskirts of Moscow, where a company called KrioRus will store you—or your head—in a vat and keep you cool until it’s time for you to reanimate and join the future.

Hello World host Ashlee Vance traveled to Russia to see KrioRus’s operations first-hand and meet the company’s charismatic leader, Danila Medvedev. In the video above, we learn about Russia’s long-held fascination with immortality and the current state of the country’s trans-humanist movement, in which people alter their bodies and minds to prepare for a glorious, technology-rich future.

“Trans-humanism is about self-control. We should strive to be perfect in every way,” Medvedev tells Vance. (Doing away with food and sex, for example.)

“Sex is really overrated,” Medvedev says, and love is an addiction that's just one step from hatred. “Once we move from this biological existence to a more machine-like existence, we will forget about sex very quickly.”

It’s hard to say which is likelier—that, or this:

“I think a moment will come during my life when we'll all stop aging and live indefinitely,” says Ivan Stepin, deputy to Medvedev. “Human evolution did not end. We can continue to evolve.” 

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