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Who Will Trump Pick for Secretary of Transportation?

One contender, Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes, seems to understand the importance of multimodal options.
Will the new DOT chief share Trump's love of jets?
Will the new DOT chief share Trump's love of jets?Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Whispers about who the new U.S. Secretary of Transportation might be under President-elect Donald Trump aren’t exactly fueling a media frenzy, but it’s an important question. Whoever gets the gig will preside over a mobility revolution that could have a big impact on the lives of ordinary Americans. Several names are swirling about, from mayors to governors to heads of state DOTs. There could even be a dark horse candidate from the private sector.

One possibility is Congressman John Mica, the outgoing Republican representative from central Florida, who has been vocal in his desire to clutch the DOT reins. Mica once chaired the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, co-authoring the MAP-21 transportation authorization bill back in 2012. He is credited with pushing highway and airport projects forward in his home state.