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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Isn't Getting Any Better

This week on Game Plan, are we really living in a post Mad Men work world?

You spend more time at your job than anywhere else. Hosts Rebecca Greenfield and Sam Grobart take a close look at the way we live our lives at work—our frustrations, dilemmas, habits, and anything else that happens in the office. 

President-elect Donald Trump has been accused of sexual harassment and, during his campaign, used language that would be considered inappropriate in the workplace. Considering he's now the highest-profile example of leadership in our country, we got to thinking about the state of sexual harassment in the workplace. Many of us want to believe we live in a post-Mad Men era, in which most people know not to harass each other at work. As it turns out, in many ways we don't.

Claire Suddath, a reporter at Bloomberg Businessweek, spent the last few months talking to almost 20 women who experienced various forms of harassment at work. Harassment, she learned, is still incredibly common. "When I started asking people about this, I got a flood of responses unlike anything that I have ever gotten for any other story that I've worked," she said. Join us in this week's episode as we explore just how far we have -- and haven't -- progressed.


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