Merkel Party Whip Encourages Her to Run as Stabilizing Force

  • Grosse-Broemer says some Trump comments came as ‘surprise’
  • Party whip says he believes Trump will uphold western values

The chief parliamentary whip for Angel Merkel’s party encouraged her to seek a fourth term as German chancellor to help bring stability to an increasingly tumultuous world 

Michael Grosse-Broemer, one of the most senior officials in Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, said that the chancellor’s experience and calm under duress would help counter the challenges posed by Donald’s Trump’s election as U.S. president, the U.K.’s vote to quit the European Union and Middle East hostilities that triggered a refugee crisis

“ I would very much welcome that,” Grosse-Broemer said of a Merkel candidacy in a Bloomberg Television interview in Berlin on Wednesday. “The world has become uncertain in large parts and therefore it is good if you have a state leader who’s serene and experienced. Therefore it would be my wish, but she will announce it herself, she will decide for herself.”

Losing support to the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party and facing opponents to her open-door stance on refugees within her own party, Merkel has so far declined to reveal her plans. The possibility of Trump shaking up the post-World War II order has made her decision, expected before the CDU’s conference in early December, a pivotal event well beyond Germany. While the CDU’s support has slipped, her party still leads in all national polls.

“I can’t imagine that she will make her decision whether she wants to lead Germany again in Europe and the world for another four years dependent on the election of the American president,” Grosse-Broemer said. “She will rather make her decision dependent on the major tasks ahead not only in relation to America, but also in Europe.”

While the U.S. will always be Europe’s most important and closest partner, Europe must become less dependent on U.S. “will or unwillingness to show a presence in the world,” Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, also from Merkel’s CDU, told German newspaper Die Zeit. Trump should start building bridges before his inauguration after an election campaign “characterized by exclusion, defamation, personal degradation.”

Merkel in a statement last Wednesday offered Trump “close cooperation” on the basis of common values including respect for the rule of law “and the dignity of humankind, independent of origin, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views.” Grosse-Broemer said he believes that Trump will ultimately uphold these values “because that is what America is about and shapes America’s image in the world.”

“Of course some of Donald Trump’s announcements during the election campaign have surprised one or the other in Germany,” Grosse-Broemer said . “Looking at the many crisis situations around the world I believe that we must work closely with the Americans not only in Germany, but also in Europe.”

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