Warren Assails Trump for ‘Wall Street Elites’ on Transition Team

  • Senator says advisers contradict pledges Trump made to voters
  • President-elect has said he would ‘drain the swamp’ in D.C.

Democratic Blame Game: Is Obama in Denial?

Elizabeth Warren says President-elect Donald Trump is already violating promises he made to voters by filling his transition team with “Wall Street elites” and corporate lobbyists.

“The American people are watching to see if you were sincere in your campaign promises to look out for the interests of working families, rather than the interests of the rich and powerful," Warren, a Democratic senator from Massachusetts, wrote in a Tuesday letter to Trump. “Unfortunately, you already appear to be failing.”

Trump repeatedly pledged to “drain the swamp” in Washington on the campaign trail, saying he would strip power from lobbyists, political insiders and powerful corporations.

Media reports, including those saying that Trump could nominate former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive Steve Mnuchin to be Treasury Secretary, raise questions about whether he will stick to his promise, Warren said. She said she would be happy to provide recommendations to Trump about who he should hire to help with the transition as well as who should staff his administration, according to the letter.

Spokesmen for Trump didn’t immediately return an e-mail seeking comment.

Contrasting Obama

Warren’s scrutiny of Trump’s transition advisers contrasts with statements made Monday by President Barack Obama, who said the incoming president needs “room and space” to put his administration together.

Warren said the Trump advisers who especially concern her include David Malpass, a former executive at Bear Stearns Cos., and Paul Atkins, a former member of the Securities and Exchange Commission who was tapped to review financial regulators.

Warren said that she would oppose Trump “every step of the way” if he fails to remove the individuals she specified.

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