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Europe the Most Globalized at a Time Globalization Is a Dirty Word

The Netherlands and Germany score high and have elections coming up

Globalization has become a dirty word, blamed by restive voters for much that has gone wrong in the world. So with a string of key elections next year, Europe should take heed as it tops the list of the most open economies.

The DHL Global Connectedness Index shows that when it comes to market-driven, cross-national flows of goods, services and investments it is Europe that leads the way. Eight out of the top ten countries in the ranking are European.

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The Netherlands, the U.K. and Germany score high based off the global breadth of their connectedness. Both the Dutch and the Germans go to the ballots in 2017. Below is the methodology used to measure the movement of trade, capital, information and people.


"Globalization has served as the world’s engine of progress over the past half century,” said Deutsche Post DHL Group CEO Frank Appel, “The GCI documents that globalization has finally recovered from the financial crisis, but faces an uncertain future. It is imperative that policymakers and business leaders support an environment in which globalization can continue to flourish and improve the lives of citizens around the world.”

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