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Hallmark’s Queen of Christmas

The Hallmark Channel’s Michelle Vicary knows what you want.

Hannah Harper is a harried businesswoman, obsessed with her career and her smartphone, who’s involved with the wrong guy and prioritizing the wrong things. After arriving in the upstate New York hamlet of Cookie Jar—yes, Cookie Jar—to arrange for the sale of the town’s beloved cookie factory to the National Foods conglomerate, she meets the plant’s reluctant seller, the handsome and affable Jake Carter. He’s in debt up to his chocolate chips, but he isn’t too thrilled with Hannah and her plans to move his family’s bakery to Buffalo. Two hours later, after a tour de force of sparkly seasonal tidings that includes but isn’t limited to snowman building, sled racing, town square tree trimming, cookie tasting, pie baking, gingerbread house decorating (Hannah judges the competition), Christmas Eve dancing, and the singing of O Christmas Tree by an angelic fourth grader, Hannah’s icy corporate shell melts. She persuades her Scroogey boss to keep the factory where it is, ditches her soulless tool of a boyfriend, and falls into Jake’s well-toned arms.

So goes the plot of Christmas Cookies, a Hallmark Channel original movie premiering on Nov. 13. If you’re reading this and thinking, Sweet Jesus, I missed it!, fear not: It’ll be rerun, over and over, along with 18—yes, 18—other new movies in Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas series, which started before Halloween and runs until New Year’s Day.