Davis Tries to Win Support for Brexit Strategy From U.K. Regions

  • Meets counterparts from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Will offer them monthly meetings and shared analysis

Brexit Secretary David Davis will offer the first ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland monthly meetings and access to his department’s analysis in an effort to secure their support for negotiations.

QuickTake Brexit

Opponents of Brexit are trying to force the government to maintain close relations with the European Union. Scotland’s government said Tuesday it will seek to join a legal challenge, arguing that Prime Minister Theresa May should have the agreement of Scotland’s Parliament as well as the U.K. legislature before she begins negotiations to take Britain out of the EU.

At a meeting in the Cabinet Office in London on Wednesday morning, Davis will try to persuade his counterparts from Britain’s devolved administrations that they should work together on Brexit strategy instead.

“I want to ensure the free and trusted flow of important information between all parties involved,” Davis said in a statement. “So we are asking the devolved administrations to bring us their analysis that will help shape our priorities for the negotiation with the EU, and we will share our latest thinking.”

Speaking on Monday, Scotland’s first Minister Nicola Sturgeon was scornful of the government’s engagement process.

“So far we have found our discussions with the U.K. government -- and I’m trying to be nice here -- less enlightening than we would have liked,” she said in a speech in Sheffield, northern England. “It is -- quite literally -- impossible for me to undermine the U.K. government’s negotiating position on Brexit. I have absolutely no idea what it is!”

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