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GoPro Is Betting This Slick Drone Will Save the Day

With sales and shares plummeting, the company desperately needs a hit.
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GoPro Hopes Sky's the Limit for New Karma Drone

For GoPro, there was nowhere to go but up–literally. Its first drone, dubbed the Karma, hit the market last week, a strategic moonshot aimed at carrying the struggling company beyond the increasingly saturated market for cubic cameras in a plastic case.

Despite its listless efforts to become a media player, GoPro is still a hardware company. Its fortunes rise and fall entirely on whether it has a hot new product. Last year’s attempt, the Hero4 Session, was a miss, and GoPro’s sales and stock-price have wallowed ever since. The company said on Thursday evening that sales fell 40 percent in the quarter ended Sept. 30, to $241 million. The stock fell by 7 percent yesterday in the lead-up to the announcement and plummeted a further 20 percent in after-hours trading.