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The ‘Ice Cream’ That Helps You Slim Down or Swole Up

High-protein, low-sugar Halo Top is virtuous enough to eat by the pint.

Ice cream has always been a place of steep nutritional compromise—you either go whole-hog and eat the real, butter-fat-laden deal, or you settle for some suspicious, chemical-based foam and get a stomachache. For those who love cold, creamy deliciousness but don’t want to wind up in a food coma, the situation has been truly unjust.

Until lately, that is. If you’re a committed ice cream adherent, you may have already heard of Halo Top, the wonder dessert with as many calories per pint (240 to 280; $5.99) as a single half-cup serving of most ice creams. It also has just 5 grams of sugar, as much protein as a 3-ounce serving of beef (24g), and only 8g of fat. Compared with a pint of Chunky Monkey (1,200 calories, 112g sugar, 16g protein, 72g fat), or even Breyer’s fat-free (360 calories, 52g sugar, 8g protein), Halo Top looks like a flat-out miracle. Its convincingly ice cream-like taste and texture have inspired a cult following—one Reddit user threatened to name a child after the brand.