Four Charts That Explain This Year's Halloween

A graphical look at pumpkins, candy, and crime.

American adults are fated to spend this evening opening and closing their front doors, doling out candy to costumed children.

But they should also take care to make sure their car doors are locked: in the U.S., you're slightly more likely to have your vehicle stolen on Halloween than on the average day.

Haloween Cars
Source: Bloomberg

Depending on the composition of your personal candy consumption basket, you might be pleasantly surprised or disappointed over how the prices of sugar and chocolate have moved over the past year:

Source: Bloomberg

After surging from the middle of 2014 until September 2015, the candy and chewing gum consumer price sub-index has largely moved sideways over the past year:

Candy and Chewing
Source: Bloomberg

Since pumpkins are not as common of a commodity as corn or wheat, the data does not update frequently. However, since the last release, the price of pumpkins took a huge hit:

Source: Bloomberg

For more spooky statistics, take a look at the charts that scare Wall Street.

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