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New York’s Latest Must-Have Luxury Apartment Craze Is Driveways

This ultra-rare city amenity offers privacy, security, and convenience. So to developers, it's worth sacrificing precious square feet of ground space.
Source: Hayes Davidson

Jardim is the first New York project from Brazilian starchitect Isay Weinfeld: two, 11-story buildings in Manhattan’s West Chelsea. Named after the Portuguese word for garden, the towers feature indoor-outdoor living, with roomy balconies and a shared courtyard, yet these aren’t the features that set it apart from nearby projects—at least, according to its developer, Harlan Berger.  The killer amenity here seems more prosaic: a private driveway that runs the entire length of the lot between 27th and 28th streets.

“Before we even bought the site, or hired an architect, we conceived of that private lane,” he confesses, by phone from his office in New York, “It was my secret marketing angle to deliver an amenity that didn’t exist in the neighborhood.”