Photographer: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

French Begin Dismantling Calais Migrant Camp Known as Jungle

French police began dismantling the migrant camp in the northeastern city of Calais Monday in an operation that will force them to disperse as many as 8,000 people across the country.

French television showed hundreds of migrants lining up to register at a hangar where authorities are assigning them destinations. About 1,200 police are involved in the operation, which is expected to take between seven and 10 days.

“We want this operation to be carried out with calm and discipline and for now that’s the case,” Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said from Paris.

President Francois Hollande has promised to close the camp, known as “The Jungle,” by the end of the year to remove a slum that local residents blame for causing unrest and that is hampering traffic through the Channel Tunnel, as migrants try to move to Britain.

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