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Chesapeake Energy Declares ‘Propageddon’ With Record Frack

  • Mega amounts of sand are used to prop open cracks in the rock
  • Production boosted 70 percent as a result of the new method
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The era of the monster frack has arrived in North America, and Chesapeake Energy Corp. is singing its praises.

Chesapeake said Thursday at an analyst conference that it set a record for fracking by pumping more than 25,000 tons of sand down one Louisiana natural gas well, a process the shale driller christened "propageddon.” The super-sized dose of sand -- known as "proppant" -- is able to prop open bigger and more numerous cracks in the rock for oil and gas to flow. Output from the well increased 70 percent over traditional fracking techniques, Jason Pigott, vice president of operations, said during a presentation.