Podesta Won’t Say If Leaked Goldman Transcripts are Accurate

"We’re not going to get into that," Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta says on CNN when asked if WikiLeaks released accurate transcripts of Clinton’s private remarks to Goldman Sachs.

  • "She’s been tough on Wall Street, she’ll continue to be tough on Wall Street," Podesta says over onlookers’ loud jeers ahead of final presidential debate in Las Vegas
    • Asked about e-mail released by WikiLeaks in which he apparently called Sen. Bernie Sanders a "doofus," says that without verifying authenticity of e-mail, he was "frustrated" when Sanders criticized Paris climate deal but has "great respect" for him
  • Says Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway threw Trump "under the bus" by saying she didn’t believe there would be widespread voter fraud in Nov. 8 election
  • On Trump bringing mom of Benghazi victim to debate, says Clinton honors those victims and nine investigations cleared her of wrongdoing as secretary of state
    • Dodges on NYT report Clinton campaign asked for change of debate protocol so there’d be no spouse handshakes
    • Says Clinton campaign wants debate conducted with decorum and normal courtesies that Trump campaign doesn’t recognize
    • "We’ll see what we get tonight"

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