Cameron’s Old Seat Up for Grabs in Potentially Close By-Election

  • Opposition parties hope to win ‘Remain’ Conservative voters
  • Polls also open in slain lawmaker Jo Cox’s old constituency

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Photographer: WPA Pool/Getty Images

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s slim majority in Parliament will be tested as voters prepare to choose two new lawmakers on Thursday in seats previously held by ex-Prime Minister David Cameron and murdered Labour Party representative Jo Cox.

The by-election will be closely watched as May only has a working majority of 16 seats in the House of Commons, where most lawmakers were in favor of keeping the country in the European Union. Adding to her concerns is a Conservative lawmaker threatening to run as an independent if her government backs a third runway for the country’s main airport.

While a fellow Tory is favored to take Cameron’s seat in Whitney, Oxfordshire there is room for an upset in one of the few constituencies in rural England that voted to remain in the bloc. The Liberal Democrats in particular, who ran on pro-EU ticket, are hoping for a win. On the other hand, Cox’s seat in West Yorkshire will most likely be returned to Labour.

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