Sarkozy Says He’d Never Make Any Election Pact With Le Pen

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he’d never cut any election deal with far-right leader Marine Le Pen and would never vote for her, but he wouldn’t say if he’d ever vote for President Francois Hollande.

Asked repeatedly on C8 Television Sunday what he would do if the second round of next year’s presidential elections pitted Hollande against Le Pen, he would only respond: “I wouldn’t vote for Marine Le Pen.”

Hollande had said in a book released last week that he would vote for Sarkozy in the event of a Sarkozy vs Le Pen runoff next year.

Sarkozy, defeated by Hollande in the 2012 elections, is the first former French president to seek to win back the position. Hollande hasn’t said yet if he’s running for re-election.

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