Cargill Unit, Saf-Cacao Said to Top Ivorian Cocoa Buying

  • Cargill West Africa bough 13.3% of beans in 2015-16 season
  • Saf Cacao came second followed by a Barry Callebaut unit

A unit of Cargill Inc., the world’s second-largest cocoa processor, and exporter Saf-Cacao were last season’s biggest buyers of the beans in Ivory Coast, according to government data obtained by Bloomberg.

Cargill West Africa bought about 208,524 metric tons of cocoa in the leading producer from the start of the season on Oct. 1 2015 through Sept. 30, the data showed. Saf Cacao purchased 173,377 tons. The two companies were the only ones to have a market share higher than 10 percent.

Below is a table of cocoa purchases, in kilograms, by the top 20 companies from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30:




Cargill West Africa208,523,736  13.3 
Saf Cacao173,376,795  11.06 
Saco148,893,885  9.5 
Outspan Ivoire (Olam)132,017,631  8.42 
S3C81,224,395  5.18 
Touton Negoce72,868,452  4.65 
Nocoacy68,584,311  4.37 
Cemoi CI65,753,277  4.19 
Barry Callebaut Negoce63,565,184  4.05 
Africa Sourcing41,352,414  2.64 
Coex CI38,219,650  2.44 
2CICS SA35,527,576  2.27
ICP35,057,218  2.24 
CNEK33,986,024  2.17 
ZAMACOM SA (Ecom)32,821,078  2.09 
CAP26,232,678  1.67 
UNICAO SA25,420,626  1.62 
Agricom21,150,735  1.35 
Ivcao19,889,027  1.27 
Condicaf SA19,813,044  1.26 

Total including others

1,567,910,147  100
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