U.K. Has Moral Duty to Take Minor Migrants, French Minister Says

  • Interior Minister Cazeneuve meets Rudd over Calais camp
  • France says U.K. faces public scruitiny on not weloming minors

France called on the U.K. to accept its “moral duty” and take child refugees as it attempts to close the migrant camp in Calais, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Monday before to traveling to London to meet counterpart Amber Rudd. 

“When all the cameras turn to those unaccompanied minors that the U.K. won’t take, it will be noticed, so it’s in their interest to take them,” Cazeneuve said on RTL radio today. “I am asking to the U.K. to assume its moral responsibility,” the minister said. France is “establishing a precise list” of the minors. 

French President Francois Hollande has promised to close the camp known as the “Jungle,” which contains between 7,000 and 10,000 people who are trying to get to Britain. French authorities says “several hundred” unaccompanied minors are among the people living in the camp.

The British Red Cross said the Home Office has failed to make an adequate response to a request from France to welcome the children and refused to “take charge” of them as they await transfer from the camp, according to an Oct. 9 report.

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