Mozambique Renamo Opposition Official Shot Dead in Capital

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A member of Mozambique’s main opposition party and a delegate at ongoing political negotiations with the government was killed by gunmen while jogging at a beach in the capital, Maputo.

Jeremiah Pondeca, a former member of parliament, was shot Saturday in the upscale Costa del Sol area. He headed the opposition Renamo party’s team discussing nomination of six governors to head provinces that the opposition party says it won during elections in 2014.

Political dialog between the government and Renamo is scheduled to resume Monday after breaking off Sept. 30. The two sides have been holding stop-start talks aimed at ending a conflict that resumed in 2013. The violence threatened transport links for mining companies in the coal-producing nation and slowed trucks headed to neighboring countries hauling merchandise that’s imported through Mozambican ports.

The U.S. and European Union embassies in Maputo warned against any attempts to intimidate people involved in finding a peaceful solution for the southern African nation.

“All Mozambican parties want peace in Mozambique and should commit to peace talks and refrain from any action that endangers a process supported by the Mozambican people,” the EU said Monday in an e-mailed statement.