Trump Has No 'Clue About Anything in the World,' De Niro Says in Dubai

Donald Trump, under attack by opponents as well as Republican politicians for crude remarks about women, doesn’t “have any clue about what’s going on in the world” and young Americans must vote to make sure he doesn’t get elected president, according to actor Robert De Niro.

“I’m so angry because this fool” was allowed to get to this place in the contest, De Niro told reporters on Sunday in Dubai. Young people “have to vote,” he said.

“They must vote. It’s imperative.”

Trump has defied party members’ calls for him to quit the presidential race after his remarks in a 2005 video that surfaced on Friday. In the video, Trump talks about groping women in the “p---y,” trying and failing to “f--k” a married woman, and being able to “do anything” to women because of his fame.

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