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Do We Really Need 2,000 Subscription Box Services?

As more and more flood the scene, venture capitalists wonder whether their time has passed.
Source: Robb Vices

A crowd of wealthy patrons clad in suits and cocktail dresses were milling around the Cadillac House in lower Manhattan not too long ago. Luxury automobiles were the primary decor for the event space, flanked by young women hawking on-demand helicopter rides and high-end saké. The late summer event was meant to launch Robb Vices, a members-only luxury subscription box service backed by the 1 percent’s gracious living website, Robb Report.

The over-the-top opulence was very much in line with the site’s brand, as was the choice liquor and eyewear inside its sleek black boxes. They were hardly the main attraction, however.

These neglected stars of the evening sat perched on a white marble bar as women in red soled high heels teetered over them, quizzically inspecting the pink salt and pricey tequila packed inside. “So cute,” one exclaimed, picking up a pair of wooden sunglasses. But the fancy boxes, which for as little as $60 a month arrive at your home packed with goodies, may be the decadent bookend on an oversaturated industry with subscriptions for everything from razors to dog treats.