Deal of the Week: Redo! Putting CBS and Viacom Back Together

What Would CBS Get Out of a Merger With Viacom?

When CBS and Viacom split more than 10 years ago, Viacom was supposed to be the crown jewel. It had the cable networks, the media industry's money-makers. Fast-forward to today, and Viacom is floundering as millennials ditch cable TV and Paramount Pictures struggles. CBS, meantime, is flourishing from must-see broadcast network programming and hit shows on Showtime. Now, controlling shareholder National Amusements is calling for the two companies to explore coming together again. Bloomberg reporter Lucas Shaw and editor Crayton Harrison explain the pluses and minuses of a merger to Deal of the Week host Alex Sherman. Plus, Sherman gives an update on Twitter's potential sale, and what other media outlets are getting wrong about it.

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