Saudi Arabia Grants Zain Saudi a Unified Telecom’s License

  • Government is entitled to 5% of annual net income of Zain KSA
  • Kingdom extends offer to all licensed telecom providers

Saudi Arabia will take 5 percent of the annual net income of Mobile Telecommunication Co., a unit of Kuwait’s Zain, after granting the company its first unified telecommunications license to operate in the kingdom.

The government ordered the country’s telecommunication regulator to issue a 15 year unified license to the company, known as Zain Saudi, the Capital Market Authority said in a statement on the Saudi stock exchange on Sunday. The government will be entitled to a percentage of the company’s annual profit for the duration of the license, the regulatory said.

The government extended the same offer to Saudi Telecom Co., Etihad Etisalat Co. and Etihad Atheeb Telecommunications Co., the regulator said in the statement. Saudi Telecom was the only carrier with a unified license, which allowed the company to provide mobile phone, land line and internet services. The shares of the four companies were suspended on the Saudi stock exchange until they issue statements on how this will impact their operations.

“Now, all the telecoms providers can have the same license as STC and probably without any additional cost,” said Mohammed Alsuwayed, the Riyadh-based head of capital and money markets at Adeem Capital.

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