University of Notre Dame Endowment Posts 0.3% Investment Loss

  • Value of endowment declined slightly to $10.4 billion
  • CIO Scott Malpass has led the school fund since 1989

The University of Notre Dame’s endowment posted an investment loss of 0.3% percent for the year ended June 30, a period when many large endowments struggled to produce positive results amid global market volatility.

Notre Dame’s fund declined 0.5% in value to $10.4 billion, the private school in South Bend, Indiana, said Friday in a statement. The university’s 10-year annualized return was 8 percent.

Even endowments that performed well over the last decade couldn’t escape the negative return environment, including the University of Virginia, Stanford University and the University of California. About 430 endowments lost 2.7 percent on average in fiscal 2016, according to an estimate by Cambridge Associates, which manages $9.9 billion for endowments and foundations. The Cambridge data, like the school returns, is net of fees. Schools will announce returns over the next month.

“I am delighted to see the impact of these returns in the advancement of the academy and student life, and especially in the financial aid resources available to our students,” Scott Malpass, chief investment officer of the fund since 1989, said in the statement.

Yale University so far has posted the highest return for fiscal 2016 with 3.4 percent.