Nvidia Job Postings Suggest an Nvidia Chip Return to Apple Macs

Nvidia Corp., a maker of graphics chips frozen out of Apple Inc. computers, has posted job listings that indicate a better relationship with the world’s most valuable technology company.

Current Mac computers feature graphics chips from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Nvidia, which is the leading manufacturer of high-end graphics chips used in gaming machines, hasn’t been an option for multiple generations of computer models from Cupertino, California-based Apple.

Nvidia, in a job ad for a software engineer, said a successful applicant will “help produce the next revolutionary Apple products.” The role would require “working in partnership with Apple” and writing code that will “define and shape the future”’ of graphics-related software on Macs.

There are three current job listings on Nvidia’s database referencing Apple, with the latest one appearing last week. All three job listings for the Santa Clara, California-based company cite software development for the Mac, while one specifies an Nvidia Mac graphics driver team, pointing to the potential of Nvidia chipsets returning to the Apple computers. Nvidia and Apple both declined to comment.

Graphics chips from Nvidia and Sunnyvale, California-based AMD are increasingly important as computer users take on tasks, like 3D graphics editing, that need faster processing. Virtual reality, which requires the highest-level of graphics processing, and artificial intelligence workloads, such as computer vision and voice recognition, can also benefit from the latest chips.

Most Apple machines rely on lower-power graphics that are integrated into the processor from Intel Corp. Graphics chips, which supply more performance, are usually available as optional extras in Apple computers.

A return to orders from Apple would help cement Nvidia’s leadership in graphics. While Nvidia still dominates in market share, new chips from AMD have been winning orders from some computer makers.