French President Calls Possibility of Trump Election a ‘Threat’

  • Hollande says democracies can bring unexpected decisions
  • Populism exists in Europe as well as in the U.S., he says

Francois Hollande

Photographer: Christophe Morin/Bloomberg

French President Francois Hollande said that the Donald Trump may be elected as the next president of the U.S. is one of the threats of democracy, as populism gains ground both there and in Europe.

“We act as if there’s never a threat, as if a well-informed public will make the right decision,” Hollande said in an interview on TMC television, responding to a question about whether he was worried about Trump’s candidacy. “Democracy can result in choices that aren’t necessarily the ones we expected.”

Hollande warned against looking at the U.S. as an outlier, pointing to the British vote this year to exit the European Union, known as Brexit, and the strong showing by the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany, or AfD, in a Berlin regional election on Sept. 18.

“Let’s not look at the the U.S. as if its appalling,” he said. A Trump election “would have consequences, but populism exists everywhere.”

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