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Odd Lots: Space Robots Are Helping Hedge Funds Invest

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Source: Bloomberg

Every week, hosts Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway take you on a not-so-random walk through hot topics in markets, finance, and economics.

The most valuable commodity for investors is information, and hedge funds and asset managers are going to great lengths to get it -- even to outer space. This week on the Odd Lots podcast, Tracy Alloway and Bloomberg View columnist Matt Levine are joined by James Crawford, a former NASA scientist who founded Orbital Insight Inc.

Crawford's company uses satellite photos to do things like track retail sales by studying parking lots and track oil supplies by scanning global crude tanks. He explains how his company figures out what to look for and how to look for it, and how investors and governments use his information to make decisions.

(Orbital Insight has received funding from Bloomberg Beta, a venture-capital unit of Bloomberg LP) 

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