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Trump Lays Out Economic Vision for an ‘Unbridled’ Decade of Job Growth

  • Republican candidate plans to create 25 million jobs
  • Immigration policies, demographics a challenge to new proposal
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Trump: Time to Establish a Goal of 4% Economic Growth

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Donald Trump plans to overhaul tax, trade, energy and regulatory policies to spur an era of “unbridled” American growth, promising the biggest hiring binge ever achieved in the U.S. 

Speaking at the Economic Club of New York, the Republican presidential candidate laid out a blueprint to create 25 million new jobs in a decade, which would be more than three times as many as created since 2006. The most jobs ever created over such a period were the 24.4 million added in the 10 years ending in March 2001, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The worst stretch was the decade through March 2010, when about 2 million jobs were lost.