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A Huge Art Museum Is Secretly About to Open in the Hudson Valley

The Olnick Spanu collection, with more than 400 artworks, is set to open a private exhibition space.
Photographer: Lux & Jourik/Flickr

For several years, Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu have quietly accumulated a 400-piece collection of postwar Italian art from a movement known as Arte Povera. Now the husband-and-wife team are on the verge of opening a 20,000-square-foot private exhibition space in the Hudson Valley town of Cold Spring, N.Y.,  to showcase their collection.

“The only drawback to collecting Arte Povera is that much of the work is huge in scale and certainly cannot be shown in a house made of glass walls,” Nancy Olnick wrote in a statement on their website. “This led us to look for an appropriate space to display the artwork."