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A One-Stop Data Shop For Transportation Wonks

Looking for hard numbers on travel trends? Bookmark this handy online compendium of graphs, charts, and stats.
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Yonah Freemark

Urban wonk and occasional CityLab contributor Yonah Freemark has done a great service for all those scouring the internet for stats on VMT, light-rail ridership trends, or mode share (you know you who are, monster nerds). His blog, The Transport Politic, now includes a handy encyclopedia of interactive charts and tables documenting U.S. travel trends. Launched last week, it’s designed to be a primary destination for high-quality transportation data, updated frequently and with links to the original source.   

"There was a lot of transit data I was looking for, and I kept re-looking for it again and again,” he says. “I thought if I was doing that, I bet other people are doing that too. So I figured, Why not make it public?”