Argentina’s Macri Expresses ‘Disgust’ With Venezuelan Government

  • Macri says he will denounce Venezuela’s Human Rights record
  • Macri’s criticism follow harsh rebukes from Chile and Brazil

Argentine President Mauricio Macri expressed his“disgust’ with Venezuela’s human rights record, adding to increasing criticism President Nicolas Maduro has received from once close regional allies.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Macri faulted his Venezuelan counterpart’s refusal to let plans for a recall referendum against his rule to move forward expeditiously, indicating that the political gridlock is only furthering the ongoing crisis in the country.

“The process is killing Venezuelans every day,” Macri said on the sidelines of a business forum in Buenos Aires. “I’m going to every international forum to say, we cannot accept, we cannot look to the other side, we have to denounce what is going on.”

The Argentine premier’s comments follow harsh rebukes from Brazil and Chile over what they say is a lack of due process in the country. Dogged by grinding triple-digit inflation and shortages of most basic goods, the criticism against the Maduro government comes at time when it is trying drum up international support, hosting the Non-Aligned Movement summit on Margarita island this week.

The polls show Maduro’s approval rating has dipped near 20 percent, but the beleaguered president has brushed off the opposition’s attempts to remove him from office by year’s end. Maduro’s opponents are currently soliciting a recall referendum and have brought hundreds of thousands on the streets in recent weeks to protest his stewardship of the country.