BRAZIL POLITICS: Voting on Cunha Could Have Fallout for Temer

Lower House is set to vote on former speaker Eduardo Cunha’s case, which could impact Temer’s government whatever the outcome, newspapers say. If lawmaker isn’t stripped of political rights, govt could face difficulties in Congress, while there’s a risk of him dragging down govt members with him if he loses vote, according to Globo. * Temer tries to not interfere with vote, tells Globo Cunha hasn’t reached out to him in last few days * Cunha tells Folha he doesn’t want govt to interfere in vote * Govt focused on concessions, reforms -- likely to announce concession plan Tuesday, w/ projects for 4 airports and 5 ports ** New concessions to have attractive return rates, BNDES president Maria Silvia Bastos Marques tells Folha ** States of Rio de Janeiro, Para and Rondonia to be included in concessions for sanitation: Globo ** Government wants to redo some of Rousseff’s highway and airport concessions: Folha * Temer Says He Opposes Salary Increase for Brazil Judges: Globo ** PMDB backing down after Temer statement: Globo * Govt will have difficulties in approving pension reform in 2017 as lawmakers focus on 2018 election: Folha ** Advertising companies will try to make social and labor reform more palatable: Estado * Former opposition wants meeting w/ Meirelles on spending cap: Folha

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: * Lower House Chief Rodrigo Maia has been telling allies he doesn’t believe the govt can vote anything if Cunha doesn’t lose his term: Globo ** Cunha and his wife tell SBT they don’t fear arrest in Carwash ** Cunha allies still trying to delay vote, ease punishment: Estado ** Voting on Rousseff’s case can’t be used as basis for voting on Cunha, Senate Chief Renan Calheiros says: UOL *** NOTE: When voting on Rousseff’s impeachment, Senate split the vote in 2: the loss of term and loss of political rights, including running for office * Supreme Court Justice Marco Aurelio Mello cancels block on OAS assets: Globo

NEWSPAPERS’ TOP STORIES: * O Estado de S. Paulo ** Automakers and car dealerships cut 200,000 jobs * Folha de S.Paulo ** Government wants to redo some of Rousseff’s highway and airport concessions * O Globo ** After Temer statement, PMDB already backtracks on adjustment to Supreme Court ministers * Valor Economico ** Workers, companies face difficult negotiations on salary adjustments

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