Brazil Protesters Again Rally Against Temer and Impeachment

  • Thousands chanted ‘Out with Temer’ on Sao Paulo’s main avenue
  • Demonstrations have been constant, but smaller than last year

Thousands of demonstrators marched in Sao Paulo on the second Sunday of protests since the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, calling into question the ability of her replacement, Michel Temer, to unify a deeply divided country.

The rallies were organized on social media by civil society groups and labor unions, some connected to Rousseff’s Workers’ Party, using the hashtag #ForaTemer, which means “Out with Temer” in Portuguese. Politicians from leftist parties addressed the crowd in Sao Paulo from trucks mounted with speakers and pledged to resist Temer’s government, which they described as illegitimate and accused of carrying out a coup d’etat.

Protests against Temer’s government have been smaller than those calling for Rousseff’s impeachment last year, but the constant presence of people in the streets is disquieting for an administration that preaches fiscal austerity and is planning a controversial overhaul of the country’s pension system. Financial markets have also reacted to signs that Temer is struggling to win support for measures to limit government spending and narrow the budget deficit.

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