Venezuela Responds to Bloomberg Article: Consulate General

To the Editor:

Re article, “Venezuela’s Capital Caracas Pulses With Opposition Protest” (Sept. 1):

The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela highlights the important coverage provided by (Bloomberg) during the day of street demonstrations that took place on Sept. 1, 2016, in the city of Caracas, where the citizens could express publicly and exercise a fundamental right granted in our constitution.

However, it calls to our attention that your news team has not collected the impressions of thousands of supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution, who also exercised their right to a peaceful demonstration in other areas of the capital city. While your article showed the mobilization of the opposition, we believe that it fails to show the diversity of views that coexist peacefully in Venezuelan society, as occurred yesterday, when thousands of people were on the streets without any violence, thanks to preventive measures that dismantled a terrorist plot aimed at creating violence and deaths for political purposes.

For that reason, we regret that the international media such as Bloomberg, which has a correspondent in Venezuela, could not practice journalism in an impartial and transparent manner, reporting on the events with sufficient detail to provide its readers with a comprehensive view of the reality in our country. We urge you to act responsibly and contribute to the mission of any media by making available the facts needed for the public debate.

The Consulate General of the Bolivarian
Republic of Venezuela
New York
Sept. 7, 2016

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