EU Seeks Single Certification System for Airport Security Gear

The European Union proposed developing a single certification procedure across the EU for aviation security screening equipment, a 4.2 billion-euro ($4.7 billion) market, in a move to ensure that “high security screening standards” are applied throughout the 28-nation bloc.

The proposal announced on Wednesday in Brussels would allow security equipment approved in one EU member state to also be put on the market in others, according to the European Commission, the bloc’s executive body. “The creation of an EU system of mutual recognition for security equipment will help overcome market fragmentation, strengthen the competitiveness of the EU security industry, boost employment in the sector and ultimately contribute to improving aviation security across Europe,” it said in a statement.

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said the proposal, “by simplifying and harmonizing the rules for the certification of airport screening equipment, will ensure that our high security screening standards are applied at airports everywhere in the EU.”

Security equipment used for the screening of persons, cabin baggage and goods in the aviation sector represents a 4.2 billion-euro market in the EU and 14 billion euros globally, according to the commission.

“Currently, however, the EU’s internal market for screening equipment is fragmented due to national certification procedures, which hamper market efficiency and the free movement of goods,” the commission said. “Ensuring the free movement of civil aviation security screening equipment within the internal market will increase the global competitiveness of the EU security industry.”

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