Sarkozy: U.K. Should Handle Asylum Applications on Its Own Soil

France’s former president Nicolas Sarkozy, who is seeking a new mandate next year, said that the U.K. should be processing itself all the asylum requests on its own soil.
The best solution to solve the humanitarian issues at the so-called Calais jungle would be for the British authorities to handle the asylum seekers in a “closed center” on British grounds, Sarkozy said in an interview with local daily La Voix Du Nord, released Monday.
Sarkozy said the British authorities should also handle the repatriation of those turned down, which is currently handled by France.
“Since most of those foreigners come to Calais to travel to Great Britain, I want our British friends to handle from now on the treatment of requests from those who seek asylum there,” Sarkozy is quoted as saying.
Sarkozy also said he would travel to London the very day following his potential election in May 2017 to renegotiate a new ’Touquet deal’ between France and the U.K. over the migrants situation.

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