U.K. Brexit Chief Davis to Make First Commons Speech on Monday

  • EU withdrawal is ‘history and positive’ momement, he will say
  • Davis to highlight freedoms, opportunities, horizons in speech

David Davis.

Photographer: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

U.K. Brexit secretary David Davis will address Parliament on Monday for the first time in his new role, and will call Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union an “historic and exciting” moment.

“Brexit isn’t about making the best of a bad job,” Davis will say in his statement, according to an excerpt released by his department. “It is about seizing the huge and exciting opportunities that will flow from a new place for Britain in the world. There will be new freedoms, new opportunities, new horizons for this great country."

Davis is among three secretaries Prime Minister Theresa May named to deal with diplomatic and economic issues related to the EU exit. Liam Fox was named trade secretary to negotiate agreements with other governments, and former London Mayor Boris Johnson was made foreign secretary to handle diplomatic relations.

In his first senior government post at age 67, Davis as head of the Department for Exiting the European Union will face European politicians and bureaucrats from different institutions, all with technical expertise, diplomatic sensibility and political savvy from their years operating supranational networks in Brussels.

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