Calming Post-Impeachment Brazil Takes Time, Says New President

  • Temer calls anti-government protests isolated, undemocratic
  • Temer took office with impeachment of predecessor Rousseff

Brazil’s President Michel Temer said it will take time to bring calm to his country following the ouster of his predecessor and described street protests against his government as isolated and undemocratic.

The rallies "are normal during a complicated political moment as was the impeachment," Temer told reporters in Hangzhou, China, on the eve of the G-20 leaders’ summit. "Pacification on the first day is absolutely impossible.”

Michel Temer

Photographer: Jin Lee/Bloomberg

Temer officially took office as president on Wednesday, after the Senate impeached Dilma Rousseff on charges of violating the country’s budget laws. Rousseff called her ouster a "parliamentary coup."

Anti-Temer demonstrations that started earlier in the week grew on Friday, with protesters in Sao Paulo and several other cities clashing with police, blocking roads and destroying bus stops and store fronts.

Temer said he isn’t concerned about the protests and it isn’t reasonable to expect him to have high approval ratings at this early stage. "They were small and destructive groups, it wasn’t a democratic demonstration," he said.