May Orders Audit of How U.K. Government Serves Different Races

  • Public will be able to see how race and income affect services
  • Report to cover impact on education, health and employment

Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered British government departments to publish details of services they provide to different groups broken down according to race, gender, income and location, in an effort to reduce inequality.

May is determined that her term as prime minister be defined by something other than Britain’s departure from the European Union. On her arrival in office, she said she wanted to tackle deep-seated inequalities, including those faced by white working class people.

Issues already highlighted by her office include that children with black Caribbean background are three times more likely to be excluded from school than their peers, and white working class boys are less likely to go to university than any other group. By publishing the data, May aims to increase the demands for better results.

“This audit will reveal difficult truths, but we should not be apologetic about shining a light on injustices as never before,” she said in an e-mailed statement. “It is only by doing so we can make this country work for everyone, not just a privileged few.”

The first data will be published by the middle of 2017 and updated annually.

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