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The Career Path Is (And Has Always Been) a Lie

Challenging the conventional wisdom that millennials don't have their lives on track.

You spend more time at your job than anywhere else. Hosts Rebecca Greenfield and Francesca Levy take a close look at the way we live our lives at work -- our frustrations, dilemmas, habits, and anything else that happens in the office.

Remember back when people would stay at a company long enough to get a gold watch, a time before entitled millennials decided they didn't feel like working at the same boring job for their entire career? Those were the good old days, right? Wrong. This week, Francesca and Rebecca challenge the conventional wisdom that America's favorite generation doesn't have its life on track. The demise of the traditional career path might have more to do with student debt and the changing corporate priorities than a personality trait of an entire generation of workers. Plus, older folks have also taken circuitous routes to career success.

This week's guest, Mary Norris, has the resume of a hipster: Milk truck driver, costume shop clerk, cheese factory worker and web series hostess with a cult following. But she's no millennial. Since 1978, Norris has been with the New Yorker magazine, where she's a respected copy editor and host of the web series Comma Queen. While she eventually settled down, she took her own sweet, not always logical time getting to where she is today. 



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