CXW, GEO May Lose More Business If Clinton Elected: Analyst

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, she will likely act “within the first 100 days” to further eliminate federal use of private prisons, Beacon Policy Advisors say in e-mailed report.

  • Clinton will probably seek to terminate DHS and U.S. Marshals Service contracts with private companies
  • “Clinton has called for the closure of privately-operated Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers on the basis that they are inhumane and unlawful,”
    • “Clinton’s detention center agenda is largely a political attempt to appeal to immigrant demographic groups, specifically Latinos and her progressive base”
  • U.S. Marshals Service and immigration detention centers accounted for 40% of CXW’s revenue in 2015 and for 30% of GEO’s revenue in 2015, Beacon says
  • Earlier: Democrats Sanders, Grijalva Ask DHS to End Private Prison Use

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