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Ron Perelman Gathers Usher, Stefani, Richie, J.Lo for Apollo Benefit

  • Apollo raises $5 million as Lionel Richie leads sing-alongs
  • Chris Rock, Bill de Blasio, Schwarzman, Tepper, Kravis attend

Ron Perelman, on the stage of what he called his “little barn in the Hamptons” Saturday night, promised "I’m not going to get political," and guests including Henry Kravis, Steve Schwarzman and David Tepper issued a collective sigh of relief.

After all, the Apollo in the Hamptons fundraiser is supposed to be a night of distractions. This edition, the seventh, included standing in line for the buffet behind Chris Rock and Jennifer Lopez and live music by Lionel Richie, The Roots, Gwen Stefani and Joe Walsh.