Spanish Liberal Says Rajoy Accepted Conditions for Support

  • Ciudadanos head says Rajoy agreed to sign anti-corruption pact
  • Rivera says Rajoy to set date for confidence vote Thursday

Spain inched closer to forming a new government after the leader of the liberal party Ciudadanos said caretaker Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has agreed to sign an anti-corruption pact allowing the two groups to discuss a parliamentary alliance.

Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera said Rajoy will sign a six-point deal that includes a probe into alleged corruption in the governing People’s Party and set a date for a confidence vote in parliament later Thursday. The two parties will start detailed discussions on policy on Friday and Rivera ruled out a third election.

“Ciudadanos has unblocked the situation,” he told reporters in Madrid after meeting Rajoy. “If anyone is thinking about a third election, they should forget about it.”