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Where First-Time Homebuyers Can Go Big

Even starter homes are bigger in Texas.
Aerial view of suburban homes in Central Texas, near Travis County and northern Hays County.
Photographer: Robert Daemmrich Photography Inc/Corbis via Getty Images

You’re a millennial buying your first home. Good work not moving in with your parents or renting a shoebox! But as you make the homeownership leap, you want space: Where can you go, and at what cost?

Research released on Wednesday by Trulia looked at the U.S. metro areas  with the largest starter homes, measured by median square footage. Texas lived up to its big reputation, with Austin in the lead and Houston at No. 5. If you’re surprised to see New York in the top 10, know that geographic subset contains more than New York City’s five boroughs, even including (gasp!) parts of New Jersey.