Corbyn Would Impose U.K. Pay Bargaining Rule on Larger Companies

  • Labour leader writes in Observer on workplace ‘race to bottom’
  • Employees need minimum hours contract guarantee, Corbyn says

Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would force all U.K. companies with more than 250 staff to negotiate with a recognized union on their workers’ pay.

Writing in the Observer, the leader of the U.K.’s main opposition party said recent British corporate scandals demonstrate a “race to the bottom” in employment conditions. He called for contracts with a minimum guarantee of hours worked to replace “zero-hour” agreements that lack such a commitment.

“People need to know what their hours and earnings are from one week to the next and they need security in their earnings,” Corbyn wrote. “The best way to guarantee fair pay is through strengthening unions’ ability to bargain collectively.”

Corbyn is fighting a leadership challenge from his former work and pensions spokesman, Owen Smith. He lost the confidence of most colleagues in Parliament after the U.K. vote to leave the European Union, but has refused to stand down, citing overwhelming support from Labour Party members.

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